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Please read and review our revised Registration Guidelines!


If you have questions or issue registering to the site feel free to send me your questions
to these email addresses:

ron@sweetbluesnw.com *and* audiovideo@pixations.com

Subscribers must use their real names for their display name. Premium Memberships,
should you be so inspired, are fee based, so real names are important for processing.

Regular Membership is free, and there's plenty to share and enjoy.

The Sweet Blues Forums site is being developed to promote music through the development
of music media such as music videos, CD & DVD projects, band websites, and eventually
we will dabble into booking and hosting our own live events and shows.

Beyond that the Sweet Blues Forums provides the tools for networking for both fans and
bands for building a music lover's community. With Forums, Galleries, Blogs, a Store,
and more.

Most importantly,, we want this to be a place where music lovers will join and participate
together as friends. Please leave politics off this site

With enough fan support, bands and artists can have music media projects funded and
supported by this growing community.

You're welcome to join The Sweet Blues Forums community with that in mind. You can be an
important part of the creative process by introducing and supporting your favorite bands and
artists here.

Ron Beatteay
Site Administrator

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