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Cee Cee James & The Big Sturgis Gig

Go Cee Cee!!!
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"Cee Cee James is one of the GREATEST BLUES ROCK SINGERS out there today."
(JIM GAINES - Grammy Winning Producer - Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan)

“Some performers wear their hearts on their sleeves, Cee Cee James tears out her heart
on stage to give a little piece of it to the listener.” (LINDA CAIN - Chicago Blues Guide)

"She has a blistering voice that reaches for every ounce of emotion, sweat and raw
power that she can muster." (ALTERNATE ROOTS MAGAZINE)

All of this is true,, and then some,, it's been shown to me over and over again since I've
known her
so I have no problem making a pitch to get Cee Cee James unto the main stage
at The Sturgis Big Gig. It's a natural fit, Cee Cee James at the "largest Music Festival
in Motorcycling".

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So to get her there please vote every day until the end of June,, you can only vote 5
per day, but you can do more, spread the word ( and the link ) and get others to

join Cee Cee's FAN RAMPAGE TEAM! <<-------------- Vote here!!!

For more information,, go to www.ceeceejames.com